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National Services Division Commissioning for Scotland's Health

National Managed Networks (NMCNs)

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National Services Division commission a number of National Managed Clinical Networks on behalf of NHS Scotland. Managed Clinical Networks are virtual entities designed to drive upwards the standards of patient care through integration of services and collaboration. Management Executive Letter (1999)10 defined Managed Clinical Networks as “linked groups of health professionals and organisations from primary, secondary and tertiary care, working in a co-ordinated manner, unconstrained by existing professional and Health Board boundaries, to ensure equitable provision of high quality clinically effective services throughout Scotland.”

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List of National Managed Clinical Networks

The table below includes a list of the National Managed Clinical Networks commissioned by NSD.

List of National Managed Clinical Networks
List of National Managed Clinical Networks
Children with exceptional healthcare needs (CEN)
Care of Burns in Scotland (COBiS) (adult and paediatric)
Children and Young People's Allergy Network Scotland (CYANS)
Cleft lip and palate national network (CLEFTSiS)
Scottish Disorders of Sexual Development Network (SDSD)
Familial Arrhythmia Network (FANS)
Haemoglobinopathies Network
Hepatobiliary and pancreatic cancer
Home Parenteral Nutrition network (HPN)
Inherited Metabolic Disease Scotland (IMD Scotland)
National Coordinating Network for Healthcare & Forensic Medical Services for People in Police Care
National Gender Identity Clinical Network Scotland (NGICNS)
Paediatric Cystic Fibrosis network
Photonet (Phototherapy Network)
Scottish Acquired Brain Injury Network (SABIN)
Scottish Adult Neuro-Oncology Network (SANON)
Scottish Congenital Cardiac Network (SCCN)
Scottish Diapraghmatic Hernia Clinical Network
Scottish Muscle Network
Scottish Paediatric and Adolescent Infection & Immunology Network (SPAIIN)
Scottish Paediatric and Adolescent Rheumatology Network (SPARN)
Scottish Paediatric Endocrine Group (SPEG)
Scottish Paediatric Epilepsy Network (SPEN)
Scottish Paediatric Renal Urology Network (SPRUN)
Scottish Sarcoma Network (Bone and soft tissue sarcoma)
Visual Impairment Network for Children & Young People (VINCYP)

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National Managed Diagnostic Networks

Please follow this link for further information on National Managed Diagnostic Networks.

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Commissioning process and annual report workplan for National Managed Clinical Networks

Each of the National Managed Clinical Networks in the table below is commissioned by National Services Division to meet the objectives set out in its original National Services Advisory Group application for national designation, meet the core principles of Health Department Letter (2007)21, and add value to healthcare in Scotland. Networks must demonstrate their effectiveness by clearly evidencing improvements in the quality of healthcare, and developing and reporting on clinical audit indicators.

Following the review of nine National Managed Clinical Networks, National Services Division amended its approach to improve its commissioning processes and support the effectiveness of National Managed Clinical Networks. In January 2011, a letter was sent out from the Director of NSD to National Managed Clinical Networks with detailed information on the change. This letter includes information on the commissioning cycle and is included below:

Letter to National Managed Clinical Networks regarding standardisation of process [4 pages, 64Kb]

All National Managed Clinical Networks must complete reports using the NSD workplan template. This is available, along with guidance on how to complete it from the links below:

National Managed Clinical Network annual report and workplan template [6 pages, 459Kb]

Guidance notes for the completion of the annual/mid-year report and workplan for National Managed Clinical Networks [5 pages, 196Kb]

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Managed Clinical Network Clinical Audit System

With the support of funding from the Scottish Government National Delivery Plan for Specialist Children's Services, National Services Division and National Information Systems Group have worked to develop a Clinical Audit System for Managed Clinical Networks. Further information is available by following the link below:

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Care Quality Indicators project

Between 2008 and 2011, Information Services Division have supported the development of care quality indicators for paediatric Managed Clinical Networks. These indicators are designed to support specialist children and young people's services to evidence improvements in the quality of care. Further information is available on the:

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Review of National Managed Clinical Networks

In 2011 the National Planning Forum (NPF) commissioned a review of managed clinical networks operating at an “all Scotland “level. The NPF has endorsed a proposal for a staged approach to implementation of the recommendations within the report. A copy of the report can be found at the following link:

NMCN NPF Review Report [89 pages, 537Kb]

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