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Scottish Paediatric Epilepsy Network (SPEN)

Paediatric Epilepsy is the most common serious neurological disorder and the network estimates that there are approximately 4,200 children and young people in Scotland with the condition.  Often the diagnosis and management of epilepsy is complex so the Scottish Paediatric Epilepsy Network aims to promote the delivery of high quality care to children and young people with the disorder in Scotland. 

The Network has strived since its national designation in 2006 to promote patient centred epilepsy services which deliver seamless care between organisations and professional groups and they have also undertaken the setting of standards for epilepsy care and progressed the auditing of the  care provided.

In the past year the network has developed a hand held patient record which it plans to pilot and evaluate.  The Network has also begun to focus on care provided within schools, as many children with epilepsy require a degree of emergency treatment provision within their school.  The Network has developed a questionnaire for schools to establish what training staff and pupils have had in relation to epilepsy and where they access training.  Further to this they have also continued to deliver educational road shows to help raise awareness and engage with clinicians.

More information about the network is available on the:

Annual Report

The most recent annual report for the Network is available below:

Scottish Paediatric Epilepsy Network Annual Report [23 pages, 510 Kb]

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Contact details:

Dr Ailsa McLennan, Lead Clinician
Ms Karyn Robertson, Network Manager

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Catriona Johnson, Senior Commissioning and Screening Programme Manager