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National Services Division Commissioning for Scotland's Health

Molecular Genetics and Cytogenetics

Molecular Genetics

The molecular genetic and cytogenetic laboratories provide a range of molecular and cytogenetic tests as determined by the Scottish Genetic laboratory Consortium. Tests not available in Scotland are sourced from England or abroad to provide a comprehensive service for residents of Scotland.

The service in Scotland is provided within the regional genetics centres in Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow through a Consortium of the 4 laboratories. Through the consortium approach, the four centres work together to avoid duplication, and to provide genetic testing for a wide range of conditions efficiently. The laboratories are members of the Scottish Genetics Laboratory Consortium which:

  • openly discusses and agrees workload distribution so as to make the most effective use of available resources
  • considers the classification, and declassification of genetic tests by the United Kingdom Genetic Testing Network (UKGTN) so as to ensure all tests undertaken are evidence based

Laboratory genetics is an evolving field, with the workload increasing by as much as 10% each year, as new advances increase the range of conditions which can be tested.

The current profile of test by disease and location can be found below:

Molecular tests [7 pages, 35Kb]

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